February – Game of the month – Halo 4

April 3, 2013 – 7:24 pm

I was a bit late getting round to Halo 4. After playing a couple of early levels with my wife after deciding we wanted to play through together we put it aside as the Christmas season of games picked up. Coming round to February and we picked up where we left off and rattled through the campaign in only a couple of days. The move to 343 industries hasn’t done anything to dull the appeal of the series. The new Promethean enemies are particularly frustrating to fight but in many ways are similar to the way the old flood enemies fought by reanimating defeated enemies.

The main storyline with Master chief and Cortana left me cold and felt like some misguided fan service.

What was a unique experience for this game was the Spartan Ops series of mini missions. Ten chapters of five episodes each were using a single environment from the main campaign. Here you take control of other Spartans to loosely link a number of story cut scenes of activity going on parallel to the main campaign. My wife enjoyed the shorter missions even though we normally played a few episodes at a time and I liked watching the video for each chapter as the story unfolded.

I’ve only really popped into the multiplayer game a few times and it does open up some more customisation options but in most cases the levelling system only unlocks different armour that has no effect on the player though at the early levels you don’t have access to jet pack or shield perks that could be a minor stumbling block.

I expect to play through on a harder difficulty sometime this year when the new releases get thin on the ground.

Wake Up, John


Wake Up, John
Completed the Campaign on Normal or harder.

Honourable mention for February:
I also ‘picked up’ The Cave during February, which is a great, little adventure game that I highly recommend. Choose three of the seven starting characters to navigate your way through a talking cave to find that which you most desire. I played through to completion with all seven characters and enjoyed each new story. Some parts of the journey do start to get repetitive, as there are common sections for each play through. There is offline co-op functionality but we found it extremely dated and not much fun, only one person can control the action at once, so for us it soon devolved into back seat gaming. If there had been online co-op so you each got a screen or even the split screen that the Lego games provide this would have been an even bigger hit.



Took all characters to the bottom of The Cave. (Player 1 only)

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