January – Game of the Month – Dance Central 3

March 4, 2013 – 8:08 pm

I am going to try and expand my game completion notes into a regular feature slash review slash story. Since it has taken me until early March to post I clearly need to up my game.

Back on my wedding day I was introduced to Gangnam Style, if you have been living under a rock there is a video embedded below. Closer to Christmas I heard that Gangnam style was being released for Harmonix’s latest Dance simulator and decided it wouldn’t be all that bad to play a game where I could act out slow motion rodeo movements and dancey pants dancing. I added it to a list of games that would make a good Christmas present and when asked what I would like for Christmas it was one of the first responses I gave.

I’ve had the kinect peripheral for the Xbox since the year it came out but after enjoying some of the original dance central realised that the size of our living room didn’t really meet the expectations of the kinect playing space. It remained plugged in for the novelty of shouting commands at the Xbox occasionally. Back to January this year and bolstered by my wife’s insistence that I would never play the game so I shouldn’t have asked for it and the cold weather putting me off running, dance central 3 became my exercise device. The kinect seems a bit more forgiving of the play space now and in some areas it refocuses during moves if arms go above head height for instance. I coupled the game with the kinect play fit app which can track workouts across multiple kinect titles and tracks progress against friends using the same app and the wider community. Starting out I just tried the story mode on easy which steps through songs from 70′s through to 10′s and then develops to a completion mode to cover all the songs from the game split between the dance ‘crews’ introduced through the story. There are features for groups of dancers and the more co-ordinated people to compete at but generally I found the story gave me opportunity to practice and improve. I did try the standard dance mode out which is where all DLC gets kept and put together a playlist to pick up some achievements. That then became a structured 30minute workout of some of my favoured tracks mixed in with some that I needed regular practice to beat. The game also has a rehearse more but the general feeling I had was that most songs you could jump into and miss a few moves if you couldn’t decipher the flash cards. Having briefly gone back to the original game that pushes the importance of rehearsal before playing a lot more and is much less forgiving if you try to rely on mirroring the on screen avatar. Dance central 3 has also included progression bonuses like many FPS games are doing where you unlock new characters and costumes for your crew characters.

In summary Dance Central 3 and the Kinect Play Fit work pretty well together for a fun fitness programme after the Christmas excess. There is enough depth to keep workouts varied if you have the space to accommodate as you can increase the difficulty and add more complex moves to your repertoire.

Th3Glitt3rati is online


Th3Glitt3rati is online
Completed Story mode and watched through the Credits. Thank you!

Honorable mention for January:
I persevered on Assassins Creed 3 to pick up 100% of the original achievements. Since DLC has been released it doesn’t count though.



Complete ALL progress tracker grid entries.

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