Run Boy Run

February 19, 2008 – 6:20 am

Since my last blog entry I have completed 2 more runs :)

One in the middle of last week and one I finished about an hour ago. Both runs were a bit over 3 miles in around 30 minutes, one around Earlsfield and the second near work.

I might even run again tommorrow night, to try and prepare myself for the super marathon of drinking planned for Friday night when T is having a leaving do before flying off to Aus to travel.

My progress so far is encouraging too so with a little more perseverance maybe I can have the kind of body that famous models and actors have (but not the actor slash models or models slash actors these are the pure breeds I’m talking about). I suppose I’ll have to do more toning for that though. Check me out using all the lingo I’m turning into one of those healthy people Stephen Fry has been writing about in the book I have been reading.

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