2012 Game Round Up

February 3, 2013 – 9:12 pm

Over the course of last year my attempt to finish some of the ‘Pile of Shame’ didn’t go all that well. I did manage to complete around a dozen games though so I’m summarising my impressions from throughout the year along with the icons for the achievements earned when the game was complete.

 Skylanders : Complete the adventure mode by finishing the game

This was relatively easy to achieve. It didn’t stop me playing Skylanders though and I kept looking for figures for a lot of the year. I also got a few of the iOS games that use the same characters.The game itself is an entertaining puzzle adventure. There are a variety of levels and each purchased character adds a level to the game that can be played with all the other characters.


Lego Harry Potter 2 : Complete Year 8

I completed this with my fiancée back in January (now my wife). The Lego games are great to play and we both like the Harry Potter stories. Some of the co-op features have become a bit more frustrating as the series moves on. The way the screen splits can be great to allow each other to explore but when it comes to solving some puzzles if you aren’t next to each other it can be impossible to hit targets.


Prototype 2 : Murder your Maker?

I’m guessing the ? indicates there will be some DLC expansion. I might replay on hard mode in future. Since completing the game I played a bit more to complete some challenges but then moved on to new challenges.


Combat_Diablo_NormalDiablo III (Normal) (PC)

Completing the game on normal simply unlocks harder difficulties. Having never played a Diablo game before this was quite enjoyable. I even explored the real money auction house where I was able to sell a few items I found in the game for a couple of pounds. A game that makes me money is like a dream, only the variety here is pretty limited. I never spent any money buying items for the game though.


AC:Revelations : Revelations

I stopped playing this when I was about halfway through as it seemed to be dragging a bit more than the other games. Came back to it the other night (in July) and quite quickly finished the story. The last mission was disappointing, little more than an interactive cut scene. Picking up a few remaining achievements and might try my luck in the multiplayer too.


Fable Heroes : Ruler of Dark Albion

Fun little castle crashers style game. The 3D doesn’t make it a better game but if you enjoyed Fable 2 or are planning to play Fable the Journey this is a good game to kill a few hours.


Lego Batman 2 : Heroes Unite

Completed the story levels on Lego Batman 2. It’s extremely buggy in co-op but probably a much better single player game. Flying round the city of Gotham as various super heroes is fun but a bit challenging to control. Still playing it to collect the Gold Bricks.


Castle Crashers : Traditional

One from my virtual pile of shame. This game was much larger than I expected it to be. It’s quite difficult as a single player experience but every level played adds to your experience. The few occasions when I played with friends online progressed much more quickly so it’s a really good game to play with friends and I imagine many people who have played it would be happy to play through again. When I tried to play with randoms it was a bit different as they seemed to tend towards the battle levels rather than the ‘story’ missions.


Skylanders Giants : Savior of Skylands!

Still fun to play and the Giants are a nice addition. The levels are much bigger than the original game but there are fewer of them. Lots of other side missions too so even though the story is complete there are challenges to complete to continue levelling up the characters. Finishing off the story also unlocked a ‘Nightmare’ difficulty which encourages further play through. Characters that were max level at 10 don’t feel overpowered since the new cap is 15. As before you could get through the whole game with one figure though you can’t experience all areas of the story without one of each element and at least one giant. I’ve got quite a collection now but am most frustrated by the way the figures are released in batches through the year. Oh and a lot of series 2 figures are reposed versions of the characters from the first game so out of the 48 figures available only 16 are new characters, 1 giant and one new regular sized skylander per element.


Assassin’s Creed III : Fin

My favourite of the Assassin’s games so far. The world created is absolutely huge with two cities and the frontier to explore it is competing with the worlds created by Rockstar. The story takes a number of twists and the naval missions are a brilliant addition especially since the poor tower defence mini game from the last game. Connor is a great character to play and I hope to see him brought back in future games. Having seen the trailer for the series of single player expansions set in an alternative reality I’ve pre purchased the lot so will be playing this more in 2013. Check out the trailer for Tyranny of Washington.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 : Death from Above

Interesting that the story can change based on what you do or don’t do during the course of the game. There are some optional missions along the way that let you try and save or defend certain objectives in addition though if you ignore these they will count as a loss. Despite finishing the story there are plenty of options for me to explore. Then there is also multi-player and zombie modes.


Wordament iOS : Sore Fingers

Strictly speaking this is a puzzle game and can’t really be finished but I got all the achievements and I’d only have 11 complete games without it. Microsoft have made a game of boggle that you can play against everyone else playing the game at the same time. It’s also the first game that can get xbox achievements on the iPhone. Early in 2013 Microsoft have also launched the same game for web browsers with the same set of achievements. Go and try it out http://www.xbox.com/en-US/marketplace/product/Wordament

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