Running out of excuses

February 11, 2008 – 7:11 am

Went for a run this morning. I had been getting quite good at running towards the end of last year but around the middle of November I stopped due to a cold. It was also getting absolutely freezing and I may have been pushing myself a little too hard to reach my goal of 30 miles in 30 days.

Well I managed to excuse myself for all of December because of it being cold. Got through January again because it was cold and I was suffering from the man flu. It got to February and I decided it would be best to wait until after Chinese new year, because y’know it could be a resolution. Since it was Chinese new year on the 7th and this was my first night shift since then, I felt obliged to start up my fitness regime once again.

1.73miles in 15min 31s which is about the speed I was getting back in November, so I’m pretty happy with that. (Measurements courtesy of my iPod Nano equipped with the Nike+ sensor)

It was a shorter run than I normally complete but I decided it was best to ease back into it, although I won’t be able to run tomorrow night lest I leave the office completely unattended.

I suppose technically I could run when I get back from work but I’m not sure thats something I want to do a great idea, will have to wait and see if my body complains about this mornings run when I wake up this evening.

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