Batman : Arkham City

October 24, 2011 – 9:46 pm

Batman: Arkham City

Loving this game at the moment. It is a bit overwhelming as side missions seem to keep popping up while the main story is always pulling for your attention.

The Bat signal in the sky always points at whatever you set as your objective from the map view but by default will just keep pointing towards the next main story item.

I’ve played through a lot of the main story items and think I’m getting near the end, Batman is looking pretty banged up, but I took some time out from the main quest to explore a lot of the side missions I had been putting off. Some of these missions establish contact with the characters that aren’t involved in the main story and so far include¬†Riddler, Zsasz, Deadshot, Mad Hatter and Bane although some side quests only unlock when you get so far into the story. Other side quests can get equipment unlocked or add new abilities.

Having played through a lot of the main quests intending to clear up side quests later my top tip for anyone planning the same approach is to get the side quest at the church done as early as possible.

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