April 9, 2011 – 12:18 am

Wrote this at the beginning of February, just didn’t get round to publishing…

So I spent a fair amount of January playing games, mainly on the Xbox in an effort to win the official Xbox forum gamer score challenge. It became evident quite soon that I wouldn’t win but I played on partly to try and make a dent in the number of games I hadn’t played enough before Christmas and ones I got as presents.

Assassins creed brotherhood was a lot of fun, Bioshock 2 had a strong end game. I even dipped into both games multiplayer modes. Bioshock 2 had a levelling system that meant new players are underpowered much like in the call of duty series but there are ways to rack up points even if kills are thin on the ground.

The brotherhood multiplayer was much more interesting. Points aren’t just awarded for the number of kills but increased stealth/surprise sprinting around gives you away to other players so they have a chance to counter. It’s an old school assassination game where you are given a target but they aren’t necessarily looking for you and the levels are populated with doppelgängers. Standing close to a look alike can still result in you getting points if your pursuer takes out the NPC instead.

I then chose fallout new Vegas from my pile of epic RPGs to explore. My character is a basically good roamer keeping to the New California Republic controlled territory in the middle of the world map. I’ve pushed out a bit and met the majority of tribes but still feel the surface is barely scratched. Most of my skill points have gone into guns and science but after getting frustrated at the number of speech options I missed out on I brought that skill up a lot more. Once I finish the main story I hope to pursue a different kind of character on the hardcore difficulty.

In real life I managed to secure a promotion at work so I am taking on the new shift lead role which I am looking forward to shaping. A bit more focus on taking ownership of projects to improve the team overall and team management skills will be a welcome addition to my CV.

Towards the end of the month and into the beginning of February I’ve been less occupied with games as I began trying to sort through unwanted belongings in preparation of a move out of Putney and in with my girlfriend. Time has been spent on the rightmove and findaproperty websites and after little success in the target area of south Harrow and Rayners lane we expanded the search. Having viewed a property in Ruislip we explored the local area a little and found that there was plenty to do and decided we would be very happy to try and settle in the area. With any luck by the end of the month we’ll be fully moved in and planning a housewarming.

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