Happy New Year!

January 2, 2011 – 6:24 am

2010 was a good year for me. My job hasn’t changed although I might be getting promoted soon. I moved from Tooting living with various different strangers to Putney living with one of my best friends from school. I wasted a lot of money on unused gym membership but I did decide to make up for that at the end of the year and am hoping to continue my recent workout habits into 2011.

I kept up the annual trips to Glastonbury and the NFL international series game. Already secured tickets for Glastonbury 2011. Attended two friends weddings and recently celebrated another friends engagement. A holiday to Rome early in the year was a great break and we enjoyed the tours of the Vatican and the Colosseum.

It was also a great year for games with lots of big releases for the xbox 360 and plenty of interesting games coming out for the iPhone I got early in the year. Red Dead Redemption and Halo Reach were probably the favourites but Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Plants vs Zombies have also kept me entertained. Going into 2011 I’m currently enjoying Dance Central despite the laughter it inspires in anyone watching me play. I’m hoping Kinect can deliver more than the current crop of interactive fitness DVDs in future but for now Kinect Adventures and Dance Central are enough for me.

I should be moving again when my contract finishes in Putney, I’m excited about moving in with Lee and just hope we can find a place that we are both happy with. No resolutions this year but I’ll try and put a few more posts together than I managed last year.

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