Birthday fun

January 3, 2008 – 6:28 am

So it was my birthday on the second, I spent the first 8 hours of it at work but at least I had a couple of presents to open. I’m looking forward to getting a chunk of time to sit and play Mass Effect, I had great fun playing both the Knights of the Old Republic games and am hoping for more of the same.

After the fun of opening the presents I managed to stay awake for the remainder of my shift which is pretty good considering almost nothing happened and I had the unenviable joy of working by myself. A short drive home and I was soon fast asleep until the middle of the afternoon and preparing myself to finish my birthday with another night shift working on my own again. Normally I don’t mind, its quiet and I’m more than capable of dealing with whatever this job throws at me since I am able to prioritise tasks. Today though I appear to have been struck down with man flu. By that I mean, my face feels hot and my body feels cold and to top it off my throat is sore and I have no cough sweets to hand. Had there been someone else here I’m sure I would have made my way home at least 6 hours ago. That to anyone who knows me is testament to just how ill I feel, I haven’t had a day off work ill for a couple of years now. I am sort of proud of that but then since there isn’t any monetary benefit for me being healthy I sometimes feel like a bit of a sucker.

On a more upbeat note I haven’t got to work again until Monday and have plans to properly celebrate my birthday on Friday at the Roxy. Lots of my friends sent me happy birthday messages and one even pointed out that it was still my birthday where she lives thanks to the time difference across the atlantic. Soon I will go home, drink a couple of litres of sainsbury’s smoothie which was on offer the other day for the bargain price of 99p, then sleep all day I am confident that will cure me of what ails me, if not I do have some ice cream that will probably make me at least feel better.

Games wise I finished Assassins Creed on the 31st before the party and have been going back to complete the investigations I missed out and hunt down Templars to assassinate and flags to collect. That’ll keep me revisting the game for a little while yet. I have also been enjoying the video/cartoon reviews of Zero Punctuation that I heard about on on of Major Nelson’s podcasts. Yes that’s right I’m going to link to websites that I visit from time to time, I enjoy them so why shouldn’t you.

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