January 2, 2009 – 2:53 pm

In a brand new adventure fight your way through ten excitingly realised environments including the mouth, the dentists and┬áJess Weixler’s lady garden. Choose your character and squad mates wisely. Lead the team with the first premolar giving you control over waypoints and the saliva gland special strike ability. Wisdom, the brains of the operation is able to take control of enemy technology and heal the squad. The Super Molar brothers are a no nonsense team of brute strength able to take anything that comes their way and grind it to a pulp. Incisor uses an oriental fighting style utilising a samurai sword to despatch opponents and Canine can move through areas the other characters cannot and can perform special stealth attacks.

Unlock special characters and work together to liberate the enamel fighters from the evil dr. drill and his cohorts. This game can accommodate up to 32 players and is coming to a system near you on December 27th.

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