Films this week

September 12, 2008 – 12:50 pm

Went to the cinema on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week and managed to watch four films so here are my impressions.

Get Smart was a bit funnier than I was expecting and Anne Hathaway was also looking nice which seemed to be the point since she was more placed for Steve Carrell to bumble around. Steve Carrell suited the analyst with dreams of being a secret agent well. There was also a nice message about the person being most important and not always judging them on what they do.

Bangkok Dangerous was on when I made it to the cinema at 16:30. I didn’t really know anything about it except that Nicholas Cage was in it. It’s all about an assassin. He has his rules that he never breaks so he won’t get caught. He then quite randomly starts to break his rules and everything goes action movie. There was even a training montage. It had got an average review that I hadn’t read but I would probably peg it around the same average or slightly below average if I’m being harsh. As a film about an assassin it has been done better and as an action movie it tries to make you feel for the character too much without enough real reason behind it. I did enjoy the relationship he managed to strike up with a deaf pharmacist but it didn’t feel real enough.

To round out my days off I managed to get an early showing of Rock n Rolla the new film by Guy Ritchie. So I feel compelled to compare it to Lock Stock and Snatch at least a bit. To build up the story there were a lot more different groups introduced and perhaps to restrict length I didn’t feel they were as developed as groups in the other films. I enjoyed the title character the rocker who is rumoured to be dead but since there were so many other things going on he didn’t enough screen time really. The story was much darker on the whole than previous films. Lock Stock really built up the story with a group of friends having a good time, Snatch with the Pikeys and Rock N Rolla loses out on that charm a little. Having said all that I did enjoy the film a lot and getting to the end, the number of people being introduced made sense when it points out that another film with the same characters will be made. This was not an annoying cliffhanger ending though, just a note at the end that {characters} will be returning in {new film}.

Since I had managed to get into RockNRolla before 1pm I was out at 3pm and opted to catch a showing of Babylon A.D. Set in a near future setting Vin Diesel is a mercenary called Toorop (I had to check the credits to be sure). He is demonstrated to be good at what he does and that he seems to keep his word. He gets hired to escort some girl to New York and on the way stops treating her as just another delivery job and more like an actual person. Some weird stuff happens at the end but I just didn’t really ‘get it’. I was also a little distracted by the use of shaky cam during a chase and some unnecessarily frequent scene changes. I can’t really recommend the film unless you really like Vin Diesel, there is a brief shower scene that might interest you if you do although that was strictly from the waist up.

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