Running (again)

July 17, 2008 – 9:27 pm

So the new best way to get home from work is to run.

That’s what I did tonight so what usually only takes me about half an hour or forty minutes on the bus today took me an hour and ten minutes. I did save almost £1.60 if my memory of bus fares serves me correctly.

The only reason I’m really talking about this now is that I ran a slightly longer route than I would normally take if I had gotten buses and the result was I ran a total of 11.86km so any concerns that I might collapse during the 10k run have pretty much vanished. Yay for me.

Since my last post I had managed to run on the Saturday (6.48km), Sunday (7.63km) and Monday (6.6km) then my foot hurt and I sat about Tuesday and Wednesday playing games, because of how productive I am.

Next time I post it won’t be about running. Promise.

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