Dear Internet

July 13, 2008 – 6:21 am

Dear diary/blog.

With only two months to prepare for the horror that is a 10km run I decided to buy a new Nike+ sensor, having lost the last one somewhere around March. This gives me a better idea of how far I am running at the moment and shows quite clearly when I have been slacking off on my training. I bought it around teh beginning of July, I forget the exact date but know the first run I did with it was on the 4th of July.

7.19km was a nice start, the usual run that I had been doing sans sensor the last night shift. A very flat run on a nice circuit from Hammersmith bridge to Putney bridge and back again. Since the weather was so nice the next morning I followed that run up with the exact same route this time it clocked in at 7.22km. I guess I just ran a litte wider on a corner or two. So Friday morning and Saturday morning had been good nice and early each morning with not many people about, I wonder if I can get up that early the next day.

Sunday morning I didn’t run. It’s Sunday a day of rest. It was raining too.

Monday I did run, I ran a little later in the day and this time I ran on a circuit crossing Tooting and South Wimbledon. This run was only 5.4km though and at the end of it I was shattered. I think the problem with this run was that there were too many hills. Two of them. Well not really hills just bridges, but they were steep bridges.

Tuesday I did not run. I have no excuse for not running. I sat around most of the day in my dressing gown. Then I got dressed and went to the cinema. In the car. Wanted is a silly film.

Wednesday I went to work. I planned to run. I took a bag with trainers in and everything. I was going to run home from work. My bag of everything had no t-shirt. It was raining again.

Thursday I went to work again. I didn’t plan to run. I planned to drink free beer at work.

Friday. Work again. Free beer again. No running again. Did try out the new Korean restaurant in Earlsfield though, Cah Chi. You can take your own wine and they have a selection of their own wines, each table conceals a gas burner so if you choose any of the barbeque menu options the staff bring the marinated meat to your table and cook it in front of you. All very tasty and our meal of two appetizers, two mains with accompaniments and rice came to just under £20 each. Well worth checking out.

Saturday I went for a run. Near home but a flatter circuit, did two laps. Distance was 6.48km felt very tired at the end though, if I slow down maybe I can do three laps.

This morning I was working. Took a lunch break to go running and my bridge to bridge circuit came up as 7.63km, I had run quite a bit slower. Felt like I could have kept going but was running out of break time.

So to sum up I have found a good route to run at home that compares better with the route I run at work, well actually credit for the route should go to Deidre, she found it a while ago and I had butchered it by turning off towards South Wimbledon and introducing the hills. The promise of free beer is too appealing to pass up. I like Korean food, especially when barbequed in front of me.

Thanks for listening internet. Your’s always, Geoff.

PS: Website of the week is check out the visual personality test but there isn’t much else to keep me coming back to this dating site / social network. You can also keep up with my run progress at

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