Nike Human Race

June 19, 2008 – 4:24 am

I signed up to the Nike Human Race last night.

So on August 31st this year I will get to run with 29,999 other people for 10km around Wembley, I signed up in wave 3 so if anyone wants to run with me let me know I think it will be more fun running with someone else. There is also some special concert being held in advance of the run I which is a nice bonus.

I chose to support the WWF as my charity since I’m drawn to any environmental causes over other potentials. I’m not out to seek sponsorship though its just a portion of my entrance fee goes to the WWF. I’ll also get a red nike t-shirt with my runner number on it and apparently a medal when I finish it, like a proper sportsperson.

I had wanted to try the Nike Run London event a couple of years ago when they were running during a night but I wasn’t living in the city at the time. I missed out on the one they did in 2006 between the north and south Londoners due to work but I still see people running in the orange south london shirts when I go running around Hammersmith/Putney.

I’m also inspired by my friend Nikki who is planning to run a half Marathon this year. If I can get myself running 5km more than once a week in preparation for this run then maybe I’ll look into doing a half Marathon next year. I managed a run last night shortly after signing up but tonight I seem to have lost the motivation, hopefully I’ll go for a run after sleeping most of the day. I really need to step up my running since I have started combining doritos with salsa dip on my night shifts. One big bag of cool original corn chips ‘for sharing’ devoured by myself over 2 nights can’t be good for me.

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  2. Well done EvilGeoff! The Nike runs are brilliant fun and I am gutted that I’ll be missing out this year. I’ve been to every one of them so far…and yes, I still go running in my orange and red Nike t-shirts.

    Good luck with the training and give me a shout if you ever need a running buddy at the weekend – along the river at Battersea is a really nice route to take. x

    By ikkin on Jun 19, 2008

  3. Hello Geoff.

    I didn’t know you had a blog. Yay!

    I haven’t run since almost missing that bus in 1993 so I can’t offer any advice. Except for vaseline. I know vaseline is important.

    Kay x

    By karoons on Jun 24, 2008

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