7 days in to 2016

January 7, 2016 – 8:39 pm

Appreciate I’ve not updated this blog for a while. Since I mainly talk about games and running on here I may not have covered big life events from recent years much / at all so quick recap on life events. Married in October 2012, bought a house in 2013, got the living room flooring done in 2014 and kitchen refurbished in 2015. My wife and I now care for 3 cats and I tend to put pictures of them all on Twitter fairly regularly. I’m still playing games, mostly Destiny on Xbox One. I’m still running a fair amount, 117 runs totalling almost 800km last year. I still work in technology for an entertainment company. I am also involved in the local Green party which has been an interesting introduction to politics and promoting ideas I believe in. Finally my wife and I are now expecting our first baby in May this year which we are both really excited about but also nervous at the same time.

So 2016 is promising to be an epic year for me and I’m hoping to restart this blog to basically diaries events on a weekly basis.

The start of this year was a nice easy start with a bank holiday and a weekend I’d gone for a couple of runs with my new gadget (a Microsoft Band 2) right at the end of the year. As it’s a time for resolutions I’ve set myself a target for the year of 6 workouts a week which may be optimistic but is a good thing to aim for. As I was keen not to lose momentum I managed a run in the early afternoon. The day was rounded off by watching the last of the extended editions of The Hobbit trilogy in 3D, I enjoyed the 3 films though the 3D didn’t really add much.

The following day was my birthday and I was richly rewarded with gifts of movies and gaming paraphernalia, and cake. Having not planned anything I did get a few hours of game time in, got out for another run and convinced my wife to go to the cinema with me where we watched The Good Dinosaur where dinosaurs are humans and humans are pets. Another triumph for Disney Pixar where a young dino befriends a small boy and they work together to find their way home. Since the film finished early we were able to get home and watch one of my new films, Ant Man with family which was another good Marvel Super hero origin story with some very amusing scenes among the action. I especially enjoyed Anna Akana from YouTube making an appearance in the credits.

Sunday we said goodbye to some family who had been staying with us over the new year and got on with some tidying and found time for another Disney Pixar movie we missed out on last year, Inside Out. A really enjoyable story of the interactions between emotions and how that might look like. No running today though I’m not sure if Sunday will be a consistent rest day.

Monday was a big day for us because we got to see our baby at the twenty week scan, relieved to find out that the little one is healthy and overjoyed to find out that she is a girl. Now we can really get on with deciding on a name for her though after last night’s film my suggestions of Joy or Riley were quickly dismissed. I suspect my wife is most excited to be able to shop for tiny tutu’s. As it was a Monday I did have work too but was fortunate enough to work from home on some emails and made use of some break time to run the streets again. The Green Party also launched their Fair Fares campaign for the Mayoral elections with proposals to bring in a single zone for London and other ideas to improve public transport.

Tuesday was my proper return to work and the year is starting off with preparations for a lot of Sporting events in the year ahead and improvements being made to ensure our technology is ready. I’m trying to keep a better record of what I get done at work but that’s not really for here. I managed another run at lunchtime and it was good to catch up with some of my team after the holidays. Much of my evening was spent packing up Christmas decorations which was a bit sad but I felt productive and I did wonder a little how things will have changed by the time they are ready to be put back up.

Another run managed on Wednesday but on my preferred Hammersmith to Barnes route, it’s a little longer than the Hammersmith to Putney route but it feels like more of an escape probably because it covers more parks and paths than the Putney river front and Fulham football ground. There was also a short session at work on Agile Scrum training which is used widely at my company and is something I’m interested in trialling some aspects of with my team. If I make any progress with a KanBan work structure I may share that later in the year.

That brings us to today where I made some good progress with some domain name DNS work I’ve been tackling and managed a personal best for calories burned on my run (559 according to the Microsoft Health app). I’ve also written all the words you have just read so with a bit of luck I’ll be able to come back in another 7 days and talk about whatever I end up doing this week.

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