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June 11, 2008 – 4:15 am

Not made a post for some time. That is how a lot of my older blog posts started out so I’m not going to dwell on it. I haven’t managed to progress my career much either, I planned to study for a CCNA qualification but I haven’t found the motivation to move past the first chapter.

For a quick summary of what has happened I am resorting to the list format. Observe -

  • Went to a leaving party of a good friend (Tony) and past housemate who is currently travelling around Australia meeting new friends and soap opera actors. Feb 22nd.
  • Went to a Birthday party (Anh) where I listened to various excuses from people who were no longer going to Glastonbury. Danced until late and then got unnecessarily irritable when I went one stop further than I needed to on the night bus home. Mar 15th.
  • Found a place to live. Slightly smaller than Earlsfield but cheaper and not too far away. Moved into that place and closed accounts with the old flat. Apr 1st.
  • Trip to Islington to watch a friend’s (Will) band play. Apr 3rd.
  • Celebrate a school friends (Ruth) birthday at a house party also met another guy called Geoff. It was a fun party. Apr 5th.
  • Ordered a new phone, contract was coming to an end so I have switched back to a Nokia and still trying to get used to the space key being in a different place than on the Sony Ericssons. Apr 15th.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV was released and I picked it up before my night shift the day after it was released, managed to spend a lot of my free time playing it so that I finished the story exactly a month after the game was released. There is still a lot more for me to explore, I haven’t even touched the multiplayer features. Apr 30th.
  • On a particularly warm weekend I was invited to a barbeque where I got to play with some fire and admire the new garden landscaping at the hostesse’s house (Nikki). We also played ‘Taboo’ where you have to describe a series of words and phrases without using the listed words, think of it like a wordy version of pictionary lots of fun. May 5th.
  • Part one of a birthday celebration for Nikki, a table had been reserved at Mish Mash bar in Clapham. After stocking up on a variety of cocktails during the happy hour spent what I can remember of the night taking photos, dancing and spending money on even more drinks. May 17th.
  • I booked my car in for a service and was there first thing in the morning. As always seems to happen various problems were found which resulted in the cost ballooning from the original quote to well over triple.  I didn’t get it back until 3 days after putting it in. May 19th
  • Picked up a meal and show deal on and enjoyed a relaxed meal at myBar Bloomsbury before seeing ‘We Will Rock You’ at the Dominion theatre. A fun musical set in the future where unapproved music is banned and it is illegal to own a musical instrument, all the songs involved are by Queen. May 19th
  • Part two of Nikki’s birthday celebration to accommodate her friends who couldn’t travel that far south of the Thames. This time located to Bar Kick in Shoreditch, had a couple of drinks before switching to soft drinks and played foosball and took photos for most of the night. May 22nd.
  • Rock Band game was delivered a rhythm game involving a drum kit, guitar and microphone so you can make a band with some friends. Spent so long hearing how much better it was than guitar hero which I loved so that should keep me entertained during the British summertime. May 23rd.
  • Drove my newly serviced car through central London picked up Nikki, Sheron and Deidre and then drove up to the Lake District and put up tents in the dark for the bank holiday weekend. May 23rd.
  • Got up early, drove to the bottom of Scafell Pike and then climbed to the top of said pike, the highest mountain in England. Climbed back down and got shouted at by a farmer when we took a wrong turn and ended up in his field rather than on the public path. Back to the campsite we walked to the village pub and then made a small campfire to enjoy until it got dark. May 24th.
  • Went to the Go Ape high wire assault course, enjoying various zip lines and tarzan swinging moments strapped into a safety harness. Followed this up with some afternoon tea and bought food for a barbeque. Enjoyed building a bigger fire, getting the instant barbeques going and cooking sausages and marshmallows on sticks. May 25th.
  • Cooked breakfast on a barbeque then drove back to London. May 26th.
  • Went to see Maximo Park play at the Kentish town forum. Maximo Park are great, would have preferred standing tickets but its not like I would have been organised enough to sort out tickets myself. May 28th.
  • Found out there was a Rock Band event at the HMV on Oxford Street. Played the game with some guys who were much better than me and we spent a good part of the day milling around playing the game and entering the competition to win a trip to Ibiza. The competition is touring the UK and is being judged by Maximo Park. Jun 5th.
  • After hearing a couple of internet friends getting more and more excited about going to see Foo Fighters at Wembley I was pleased to get the opportunity to join the fun. One of the friends had found themselves with a couple of spare standing tickets and after hastily arranging a day of work I snapped them up. A little rushed on the day I didn’t actually get to meet either of my internet friends but did meet a friendly guy in the crowd who after I gave him £10 he duly returned with a couple of beers and change. The concert itself was fantastic and as far as I could tell the whole crowd loved it. The show finished up with surprise guests Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones joining Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins. Fantastic night and even managed to get all the way back from Wembley to Tooting before the Tubes closed. Jun 7th.

So it has been a pretty busy few months, and I already have tickets to see Will play again and Glastonbury at the end of this month. Maybe then I can resist the lure of GTA IV and Rock Band and get some serious CCNA studying done…

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